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Goo Hye Sun, 2007.

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stop making assumptions you’re kpop blogs not private investigators chill 


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since most of these are doubles of what i already have and because i want to give back to all my follwers, i decided to have a huge give away. there’s 24 albums you can maybe win if you participate!


1st row - SHINee 1st Mini album, SHINee Year of Us mini album, B2ST Fiction + Fact Limited Edition

2nd row - SHINee Amigo 1st album (repackaged), SHINee Lucifer album, B2ST Lights Go On Again (Asia Edition CD+DVD), B2ST Shock of The New Era 

3rd row - SHINEE Romeo mini album, SHINee Hello album, SHINee Replay (Japanese) single. B2ST Fiction + Fact album Normal Edition, Super Junior Sorry Sorry

4th row - Dalmatian 1st mini album, B1A4 1st mini album, SNSD Japanese album, SNSD 1st album, SNSD Run Devil Run repackage album, G-Dragon Heartbreaker album

5th row - Big Bang Since 2007, Big Bang Remember, Big Bang Always, GD & TOP Vol. 1, Seungri - VVIP, Big Bang Special Edition

 now for the rules hehhh. 

- you must be following me, girlieguts, to participate in the giveaway since it’s for my followers. i’ll be checking.

- like / reblog this post. you can like or reblog it as many times as you want. unlimited reblogs and likes! no give away side blogs though I’ll check.

- keep your ask box open so i can tell you if you win!

- there will be three winners. the first number picked will get their choice of 8 albums. second number picked will get their choice of 8 albums. third number picked will get the last 8 albums left.

- winners will be chosen with a random number generator

- giveaway will last until august 30th so you have plenty of time to enter.

- i’ll ship internationally. all the albums will be wrapped in bubble wrap so they dont get damage.

- prizes will be shipped a week after the giveaway is over!

good luck! <3 (◡‿◡✿) if you have question come to my ask box  and ill answer them! <3

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© GBaby

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Too late to unstan these idiots.

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that smirk.

that smirk.

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TOP, why are you always holding Daesung’s hands?

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